Antioch Galveston Pre-martial Counseling

Marriage is one of the most important commitments a person can make. The decision to follow Christ is of course first, but no other decision will have as great an impact on one’s life as marriage. It is important for couples to spend the necessary time planning and equipping themselves for their life together. 

With so many marriages failing, a person should not enter into a marriage lightly. There are so many responsibilities and obligations to one another without jumping into a relationship that one may regret later. If a couple is not willing to invest a little time preparing for their life together, chances are they are not willing to be committed to other things. All parties should approach marriage prayerfully, patiently, and honestly.

There are several variables that need to be discussed in the Pre-Marital Counseling session. These can include:

  • Spiritual Beliefs
  • Christian Values
  • Commitment and Expectations
  • How to Handle Conflict and Solving Problems
  • Priorities on Career, Children, Money, Hobbies, Future Plans, Friends
  • A Christian wedding being scared.

In order to better serve and provide information for Antioch pastors before counseling starts, it is suggested that each couple fill out a questionnaire.

After the questionnaire has been submitted, an appointment will be made with the pastor. Most pastors prefer more than one session to allow the counseling process to work as well as to allow the couples to ask additional questions.

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